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“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself” - Josh Billings

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At Soft Touch Groomers we do not believe in caging dogs, when your

dog comes in to our groomers they are free to run around inside and outside the whole time they are with us. Roaming freely has a more relaxing affect on your dog, the more they are at ease the better the grooming experience is for them. We are aware that many dogs have had a negative experience of grooming and you need to build up their confidence slowly, we allow 2hr appointments for all our dogs so they have time to have breaks in-between there grooming sessions.We strive to make dog grooming more relaxed and enjoyable for your dog.


Puppies should be brought into the grooming parlour as soon as possible (from 3 months) so they can become accustomed to being bathed, dried and groomed building up to the full grooming; the grooming experience can be scary for a pup so the earlier you start the better for your puppy.

Older Dogs Care

Care is taken to ensure older dogs are comfortable. The groomers is designed with a low level washing and drying area so they will not have to be lifted as this can cause stress to an older or larger dog,

We may require them to stay with us a little longer to ensure that they can have plenty of rest whilst being groomed. They will be able to go outside and rest in between grooming sessions.          

Hand Drying, Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning, Bathing, De-Matting
Trimming, Long & Short Coat Breeds, Puppy Grooming, Natural Bathing Products

Detailed records of grooming are kept on your dog so we will always be able to get the same look every time they visit.  

*Full Grooming Includes: Wash, Cut, Ears, Nails. 
*If Your Dog Is Found To Have Fleas While Been Groomed
There Will Be a £5.00 Additional Charge
*If Your Dog Is Severely Matted
There Will Be a £5.00 Additional Charge

Price List


Small Dogs

Medium Dogs

Large Dogs

Extra Large Dogs

  Wash Only  ( includes nails  & ears )

£10 / £15

£15 / £20

£25 / £35

£40 / £60

  Full Grooming*

£18 / £30

£30/ £35

£35 / £50

£55 / £70


£2 / £4

£4 / £6

£8 / £10

£8 / £10